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The Rock City Consultant at IQI

Hello. I’m Amanda Voon. Before working at Rahim & Co as a property consultant, I used to help my father to manage his properties in a small business. My father has 5 properties when I was 15 and had grown to 12 more over the years. When I grew up, I became more involved in helping him managing and investing his properties.

He taught me how to identify & choose potential properties in the market. I believe that a property consultant should always be considerate in the needs of the home owner and investors. I will always remember that my father would never allow any investments without detailed study and analysis.

I’m very passionate in real estate business with being assertive & effective & not too aggressive when working with my clients.

I’m constantly improving knowledge and experiences in this industry in order to provide my clients with the best possible solutions to find their perfect home & recommend the right investment to them.

Once again, I’m Amanda Voon from Meridin City.

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Beds: 3-5Baths: 2-3



8 months ago


Beds: 3-5Baths: 2-3


8 months ago


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