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Brand in the Cloud

Brand in the Cloud

Are Your Businesses On Cloud?

There is no surprise that many are passionate about cloud & the future it brings for companies & individuals. Don’t be frightened by the jargon because it isn’t hard to understand about ‘cloud’. In simplest term to explain, ‘cloud’ means ONLINE. There are few things that cross our mind when we talk about ONLINE. It could be e-commerce, social media, search engine, or even online marketing. But today, let’s talk about online press release.

Benefits of Online Press Release

1) Online press releases have a dynamic, user-friendly and economic structure which offers online PR agencies services. It continuously enhances the identity and credibility of a brand by engaging in online platforms through its press communication service.

2) Enables you to be available to the audience through the most appropriate online platforms. It keeps you in close contact with news media and let you reach out to the end user.

3) By providing low-cost solutions or bundles, the online press release helps you to take advantage of the economic advantages of digital platforms.

4)With the SEO-friendly press releases, you will increase your exposure in search engines. You can view your press release, even though it was released years ago. You will come across anytime your customers need you, thanks to your posted news.

5) By evaluating sophisticated monitoring systems, it offers the ability to develop marketing strategies. A comprehensive report accompanied by tables and graphs with all of the online media reporting included is prepared.

Wait, You Need To Get Someone To Talk About Your Business.

A good conversation and a story holds a company’s public profile. Making a newsworthy content by compiling a product or service within news values will directly bring up the company’s brand value. 
With the new trendy term ‘ Newsjacking’, it profits from trending news and viral news reports to increase media attention. When this is done correctly, it may have many positive effects on content marketing campaigns like brand awareness, increasing high targeted traffic & boosting SEO, bringing in new consumers, sharing a fresh perspective for brand advertising ideas and also leading a market.

Currently, CMCO has extended till 9th June 2020, most businesses are expected to drop approximately 50%-70%. In worst cases, some might close down. Perhaps it’s time to rethink about your business strategy. 

We, Meridin City sincerely offer our online press release distribution solution here to support YOU for FREE till the CMCO ends. All you need is to send us your business details and let us help you to get your story out!


Brand In The Cloud Series

Brand In The Cloud is our brand collaboration program. Let us bring the success story of your brand to the world thru our leading property talk & lifestyle online channel, Meridin City. With more than 100k monthly of reaches on social media and website, we will definitely drive your digital brand recognition to the optimum level by producing highly relevant and quality press release which will be publishing in our website. Reach wider customers through our website and ad network. With this, you’ll get more ONLINE COVERAGE and SALES! 

Why Collaborate with Meridin City: 

  1. Level up your website in search engine ranking and get more relevant traffic to your website.
  2. Increase the credibility of your brand in digital market by featuring in our channel and advertising network.
  3. Extra sales & promotion channel for your products.
  4. We are the most affordable affiliate channel to drive your brand awareness.


In Meridin City, we believe in united we stand together. Let us get thru this hard time by working together to bring everyone up again. We look forward to our future collaboration & successes awaiting us.


The Rock City Property Guru

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