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Money Versus Health

Money Versus Health

Money vs Health

On labour day, 1st May 2020, the Malaysia’s Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has announced on reopening up Malaysia’s economy on 4th May 2020. While the MCO is still on till 12th May 2020, the announcement came to a surprise to everyone, mostly on the date of the reopening. Many were worried about the virus out there as the cases were still double digit & it went back up to 3 digits 2 days before the reopening of the economy. Also, some families with kids at home were in a sudden pressure as schools were still closed & parents were sceptical to send their kids back to day care. 

We all know the Government’s decision on opening up the economy after 47 days of MCO is to save the country’s economy from crashing & the pressure from many employers which most of their businesses were on the verge of collapsing. But there is one biggest concern from everyone, will they be SAFE by going out into the office from the virus? 


An Equilibrium of Money & Health In MCO

This is the hardest time for many people, which one do they choose? Do they choose money to survive or health? Even with the financial aid from government, can businesses still survive when they have no income at all but still need to pay their employees in full? Is the government making the right decision on opening up the economy before the case goes down to zero?

Many SMEs have chosen to shut down their businesses during this difficult time in order to avoid further economical lost. As a result, many people are now jobless. The problem is this how long going to be? What we know right now is that there’s still no effective cure or vaccine for Covid-19. There’s nowhere in this world that is completely safe from the virus. To stay safe, it is completely depending on us, Malaysians to keep ourselves and our family & friends away from Covid-19.


The Government has been repeatedly advising the Rakyat to stay clean, practising social distancing & avoid crowded places at all time. Now it’s the time for us to decide if we want to win the invisible war & getting back to normal life or to have a temporary happy life now by going out partying & getting infected. We need to be alert & work together to break the infectious chain before the vaccine is found.  In the meanwhile, be wise when spending anything during this difficult period. You might want to check out 💰 How to Save Some “Moolah” During a Pandemic.


Stay safe & stay healthy everyone. 


The Rock City Property Guru

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