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How Life Changed in 30 days of MCO Especially the Men 

How Life Changed in 30 days of MCO Especially the Men 

MCO has been going on for over 30 days since it was implemented on March 18 to curb the Covid-19 pandemic. A lot has changed – life seems to slow down & not as busy as before, schools & business are closed except for essential services and many are using this period to spend with their families. 

Now that everyone has more time to be online for most of the time at home, many has been updating hilarious pictures on their spouse especially the husbands when they are being chosen to be the ‘chief of the house’ to go out to get their weekly essentials.  


Pictures of the heroes without cape were posted on social medias.  

  1. Husbands/Chief of the House were seen with a piece of paper in hand anxiously searching the products in the list prepared by the wives during groceries shopping. They even google the kind of veggies to make sure it is the exact one to avoid being scolded when they get home. How funny!
  2. Husband is taking over the pan to cook for the family at home so the wife could take care of the lockup kids. Definitely full with funny flavors!
  3. Some people find their husband serious all time, but MCO changed them into dancers! Tik Tok videos have been increasing featuring the husbands showing off some moves that no one knows they could do! Little that the wives know, they are secretly a better dancer than many people.


While before this, the Malaysian Ministry was worried on how spouses dealing with MCO and they even suggesting some crazy ideas to the ladies which went viral – talk like Doraemon. It turned out that Malaysian adapted the MCO life so well that they didn’t need that suggestion to hold the home in a piece. Kudos to everyone in making this MCO enjoyable & successful! Please continue to entertain people around you & around Malaysia, stay home & stay safe! 


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