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Trump Suggests Disinfectant As Coronavirus Treatment

Trump Suggests Disinfectant As Coronavirus Treatment

Using Disinfectant As Treatment

The world currently is facing a pandemic, Covid-19 and everyone is trying to find a solution to cure this illness. As one of the most hit country, the United States President, Donald Trump has suggested a fairly dangerous medical claims at a White House briefing that ingesting disinfectant could possibly be used to treat people who have the virus. 

Other than that dubious claim, he also suggested that sunlight might be a treatment alternative. When Bill Bryan, who is the acting undersecretary of science and technology for the Department of Homeland Security, spoke about an experiment in which disinfectants like bleach & isopropyl alcohol can quickly kill the virus. After that, Trump mused about whether disinfectants could be used to treat the virus in humans — asking whether there is “a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning.” 

Many disinfectant product companies, such as Lysol, has immediately released statement to warn people that “under no circumstance” should disinfectant be administered into the human body. Also, Washington state’s emergency management agency warned against eating Tide pods or injecting disinfectant, tweeting, “don’t make a bad situation worse.” 

On Monday, Trump said he takes no responsibility for any spike in people using disinfectants improperly after dangerously suggesting that ingesting it could serve as a corona virus treatment. 

As a President, suggesting something unproven & dangerous is a truly irresponsible act & it might harm many people who decided to listen to him. 

Friendly advice, do not easily trust unconfirmed news on treatment of corona virus. This might lead to more death than the pandemic. Think about it over with common sense & believe smartly.  

What do you think about his statements? Will you listen to him?


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