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3 Ways To Get On Well With Your Spouse At Home During MCO

3 Ways To Get On Well With Your Spouse At Home During MCO

Recently, our Women and Community Development Deputy Minister Datuk Hajah Siti Zailah has spoken about some suggestions on ways to handle stress for spouse during the period of MCO in a video. People around the world have been experiencing the quarantine life because of the pandemic for almost a month, if not more than that. In these days, you & your other half probably went from bemoaning your busy schedules & how you don’t see each other enough to a time where both of you being stuck inside together 24/7, arguing about how you seat on the couch while watching Netflix together. 

Being stuck in a space means more time spending with your spouse, & you may realize seeing some of their less attractive habits and qualities in confinement can be problematic. 


Here are 3 of the quarantine relationship advice, so we make it out of this together: 

1.Isolated in Different Rooms

If you have the space, try to work from a different room during your work time. If you don’t have extra rooms, try the living room & bedroom for each of you. This is because if you aren’t used to working in the same space, you need to think about potentially annoying habits like speaking loudly on the found, tapping loudly on the laptop, etc. At this time, it is better to keep away from any annoying stuff that may trigger you in anyways. 


2. Work Together, Tidy Together 

Work Together, Tidy Together 

Staying at home more means doing everything at home more, such as cooking. You may want to come out with a cooking schedule by listing each other responsibilities throughout the week, like washing the dishes, cooking & getting groceries. Make sure both of you get the same amount of responsibilities to avoid any unfairness argument later. 


3. Be more Caring & Understanding 

Be more Caring & Understanding

Everyone reacts differently to confinement or stressful situations. Some needs more attention like hugs, kisses or word of affirmations & some needs more distance or alone time. It would be great to know which does your spouse needs to ease the tension in the household, which we are not sure how long we will be stranded together. Happy spouse means a happy home. 


Try to look to the positive side of the quarantine life. Take this time to understand your spouse properly. With those time which was previously missed during those busy days, count your blessings to be able to spend your days with the person you love. Arguments are part of communicating with each other, but remember to hold yourself together when you feel things are getting over the line. 


Think of the “1000 strength” of your spouse, say thank you and forget each other. 😉

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy, Stay at Home. 


The Rock City Property Guru

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