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Why ZOOM Became The Trend In This Pandemic?

Why ZOOM Became The Trend In This Pandemic?

Generation of Zoom

We believe during this time, everyone has been strictly instructed to work from home. While remote working is not an option for all companies but, if it is suitable for yours, you should consider it. Prior to making any recommendation, firstly, make sure employees have the infrastructure in place to be successful while working from home. For a small business, a good baseline infrastructure that enables a successful work from home experience includes reliable and fast technology. So, what’s on-trend right now? We are sure everyone’s heard of Zoom.

How It Works?

Zoom is the video conferencing software company that went public in 2019, which seemingly everyone knows about during the pandemic. While everyone is stuck at home, many have flocked to the service to keep up with friends, join in important work meetings, and even host parties. The main selling point of Zoom to the broader consumer world is that it offers FREE, 40-minute conference calls with up to 100 attendees. It is easy to use as people don’t need a login to access a meeting.

However, those same features might put people at risk. In this time of immense growth, researchers and journalists have scrutinized the app and found multiple security and privacy risks. People realize the free app might come with the cost of giving up their personal data.


Most Voted Video Communication Tool During MCO Period

Now during the Covid-19 period, many businesses have changed their direction, focusing on expanding online. This move will at least help the small businesses to stay alive, rather than stopping the entire business without any income. Many small retailers are expected to close down after the MCO is lifted because these individual shop owners are most likely to have negative cash flow by then. Many were unprepared for what is to come, with no proper planning on how to keep their business running when everyone is stuck at home. While this is something to do with our health, they have no choice but to obey.

We are in an advanced technology world; many could survive with the help of online platforms that are readily available. While turning the direction to being online is not a wrong choice, even after MCO is lifted, that could be another way to advertise or an alternative platform to bring in more income. Don’t give up yet, while this may be a tough period for many, looking at the positive side, and this may be the time to open the world to a whole new business experience online, rather than the traditional way.


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