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Those Questions You May Get on Chinese New Year

Those Questions You May Get on Chinese New Year
  • “Wah! Ah girl, have you been eating a lot lately? You looked like a balloon being pumped up!”


                       This is, well, RUDE! But they’re your relatives, how would you react? 


  • During Reunion Dinner – Mother in Law : Eh, eat more lah! So fast full already meh??


                                     This is pretty normal to all the son/daughter in laws out there.  Unless you puke in front of them, they will never stop. NEVER! 


  • Aunties Uncles : Eh ah boy, long time no see! You take how many days off ah? 

           Ah boy : *answers them* 

          Aunties Uncles : WAH! So nice ah? No need to work one hor your job? So envy leh, I think I’ll ask my ‘boy’ go work at your company. *sarcastic tone* 


Aunties & Uncles (especially the aunties) are some dangerous beings you should avoid on the festive season like this. As much as you’re trying to avoid the bullets from their AK 47 machine gun, they’ll hunt you down no matter what. Good luck kiddos! 


  • “Why is your bf/gf so quiet? So SHY ah?”


How to join the conversation when the relatives talk and laughing to their own jokes at the same time? *facepalm* 


  • “Remember that one time you cried because you lost RM2 when we were gambling?” *laughing frantically* 


When relatives dug out some embarrassing things that happened 10 years ago & reminding everyone at the table.. Why..? WHY?!! 


Chinese New Year is so fun not only because it is a celebration of the new lunar year but a time where it brings the whole family together. Although many of you might not enjoy those awkward questions your relatives may shoot you, we promise you that one day, when you look back to those times, it will make you smile. Some people are just straightforward with no bad intentions.  Cherish all these questions while you can, because one day, you may be the one asking these questions! 


The Rock City Property Guru

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