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Decorating Your Home In This Christmas Without Breaking the Bank

Decorating Your Home In This Christmas Without Breaking the Bank

Decorating for the festive seasons is one of my favourite things to do. And, as a Malaysian, I shamelessly admit that I changed the decorations in my house at least 2 times a year, thanks to Malaysia being an amazing multiracial country. Its finally the end of the year of 2019 & Christmas is approaching! That means beautiful decorations, lights, greenery and etc..etc…But all of this can come at a very steep price, it can be hard to not to break your bank account! Now, to avoid that tragedy from happening, lets discuss how you can still have the Christmas decors of your dreams without overspending. 


1.) Buy What You Love, Not What You Like 

I buy what I really love, even if that thing only costs me less than a buck. With this, it has actually taken me years to accumulate the my most loved Christmas decors. It doesn’t matter if it is the best-looking ones or not, it matters more if you don’t love it.

Some people may think it took too long to create their dream Christmas decors at home. Now, look at it this way – each & every single thing that you’ve personally picked came with a memory or triumph attached. This will make your holidays more meaningful!


2.) Creativity is Inexpensive 

You may see a lot of stores have been laying out their Christmas decors now. You will tend to be attracted to those ornaments & decorations which are finely & beautifully made. But that comes with a shocking price tag, which you may already expected.

So, why not consider checking out locally owned stores or DIY store. Check out for things that are not necessarily Christmas themed, but could be re-purposed for Christmas, such as items that could be personalized or decorated. This would definitely put your creativity to test, but the outcome will give you the greatest feeling of accomplishment ever! Try it out!


3.) Great for a Crafty Person 

If you are like me, who likes saving beautiful pictures from Pinterest, now get your crafty mode on and do some DIYs! You can use any available items in your house, for example, using pasta to make an ornament. Or turning tissue papers into flowers & make it into a Christmas flower arrangement.

Other than just saving some moolah, you can also have a fun get together session with family or friends to do this. Spread the holiday spirit during this get together activity!


Here are just a few ways to save some money while decorating for the festive seasons! Don’t worry, you don’t need to go broke being festive! 


The Rock City Property Guru

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