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HOPSCA – City In The City

HOPSCA – City In The City

Have you ever heard of the buzzword “HOPSCA” in any property fair or real estate seminar? Do you know the meaning behind the word?  If you can’t find them in your dictionary, then you definitely need to read on because you are going to find out more the concept of HOPSCA in this article. Let’s start!


Definition of HOPSCA

HOPSCA, abbreviation for Hotel, Office, Parking, Shopping Mall, Convention & Apartment, is a rising development concept of “City Within City” in urban planning and development,also known as “Integrated Township” or “Urban Complex”.  The 6 functions of HOPSCA (Hotel, Office, Parking, Shopping Mall, Convention & Apartment) comprehend each other by establishing a mutual relationship to fulfill all the requirement for high quality lifestyle and also stimulate economical growth in a particular area.

In modern cities, people who are accustomed to fast-paced require a comprehensive space that is convenient, fast, economical, and integrates multiple functions to enjoy more efficient living and working lifestyle. As a result, the concept of HOPSCA is born.


Characteristics of HOPSCA

  1. Develop In Huge Scale With The Ability As Small City – An integrated township usually is an area that has the ability to house large group of buildings and living space with various features support for working and living. For instance, there has to be office building for working, supermarkets for groceries, condominium for living.
  2. Access Tree Transportation System – Proper planning to connect the highway, metro, public transportation to the integrated township. These planning include basement, underground spaces, over-head bridge, passing space inside the buildings, outdoor public spaces, parking spaces inside HOPSCA and the streets.
  3. Modern Urban Design – Landscape and environment design is an important features of HOPSCA. HOPSCA breaks the traditional concept of single buildings but takes all the buildings as a group and trying to create a livable environment by using artworks, street furniture, planting, paving, lighting and so on.
  4. Hi-Tech Facilities – The final purpose of HOPSCA is to provide the most efficient and convenient facilities for the people. Therefore, a collection of high technology and high intelligent facilities are needed to form a smart city. Hi-Tech facilities portray that the advancement of science is an important factor to the emergence of HOPSCA.
  5. Recognizable Landmark – Unique buildings landmark as the most noticeable characteristics.


Worldwide HOPSCA Township/Urban Complex Projects

Manhattan, US


A densely populated city among five boroughs in New York City, and also the smallest boroughs. This is where most 500 fortune companies gather and the most concentrated area with skyscrapers. The real estate prices in Manhatten is also one of the most expensive in the world. Manhattan also has many world-renowned bridges, skyscrapers and parks. Famous landmark in Manhattan includes Broadway, Times Square, Central Park, Grand Central Terminal… and more.


La Défense, France

La Défense is the world first integrated township which constructed and developed in the 1950s. The township integrates commercials, shopping, lifestyle, and leisure as the world most iconic township. The township locates at the west north of Paris. With the most comprehensive accessibility and public transport system, beautiful cityscape, and convenient facilities, it attracts more than 2 million tourist every year.


Roppongi Tokyo, Japan

Roppongi Hills is a large shopping district in Roppongi District, in Tokyo. The district has been redeveloped to create an impression of “city within a city”. It is one of Japan’s largest urban complex cases and one of the famous old township reconstruction projects in the world. Group of connected building in the district includes TV Asahi headquarters, 54-storey Mori Tower, Grand Hyatt
Hotel, Virgin Atlantic, Studios, boutiques, themed restaurants, Japanese garden, office buildings, art galleries, outdoor theater, a collection of residential, open space, streets, public facilities and so on.


Central Place Beijing, China

China Central Place is located near the East 4th road beside the Tonghui River. It is one of the 60 major project in Beijing. Accessibility to the township is very convenient with high speed road nearby and can be accessed via metro line one and a large number of buses. China Central Place use HOPSCA model and constituted by six functions: hotel, office, landscape, exhibition, shopping and apartment.


Lake City KL North, Malaysia


Lake City is a new 80 acres integrated development, and takes 10 years time for the entire development in Kepong, KL North. KL North is deemed as the most potential area for price appreciation. It is a joint venture between China Top 3 Real Estate Developer, Country Garden and Perdana Parkcity. Likewise, Lake City adopts HOPSCA concept in their township development. The township has well connected highway, fast and easy access to public transportation, and a new commercial district including shopping malls, hotels, shops and office buildings. Aradia Residence is a lakeside service residence in the first phase development.


To put it simple, HOPSCA is a township development concept that offer great flexibility and accessibility to enjoy all the 6 functions (Hotels, Offices, Parking, Shopping, Convention, Apartment) within a township for high efficient and premier quality lifestyle.


The Rock City Property Mentor

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