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Living A Lifestyle of Green Urbanism

Living A Lifestyle of Green Urbanism

Green Urbanism is interdisciplinary by definition; it needs, in relation to architects and urban designers, the cooperation of landscape architects, technicians, urban planners, ecologists, transportation planners, physicists, psychologists, sociologists, economists and other experts. Green Urbanism strives to minimize the use of electricity, water and equipment at every point of the city. It is also the practice of establishing communities that benefit people and the environment — is a significant part of a town that can be lived. Trees enhance air quality, decrease energy consumption for cooling and heating, and make urban environments a pleasure to behold.

Providing individuals with access to the natural environment could bring significant advantages to a city’s “mental capital.”


Contact with nature enhances people and communities ‘ physical and mental health. For example, physical activity during gardening lowers stress, anxiety and depression.

There is an increasing interest in horticultural therapy and research-which tapes the advantages to human health of nature.

It includes a scheduled program that uses crops as a therapeutic medium by qualified experts.

Horticultural therapy is well founded around the globe and has been implemented in instructional establishments in some nations, including kindergartens and schools with special needs.

In medical care centres, particularly in rehabilitation clinics, psychiatric services, palliative care and elderly homes, it is well recognized as a means of offering graded and carefully designed gardening operations to patients to enhance their quality of life. Such treatment was also observed in patients with psychiatric circumstances to encourage social functioning and self-esteem.


Some housing projects, such as Cubic Botanical which situated in the prime city of Bangsar South, incorporates green environment advantages into urban design as significant town planning elements that can affect mental health and even cognitive function. Nature’s mental health advantages can be integrated into a broad range of sustainable city projects and investments. It is not only the responsibility of city planners and politicians to grow the green movement, but also the community.


Ageing-in place is feasible, if we start investing not only in social infrastructure place is feasible, if we start investing not only in social infrastructure but also in green urbanism, which will definitely benefit our mental health.


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