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Zero Waste Lifestyle

Zero Waste Lifestyle

Zero Waste Lifestyle 

Zero waste is a philosophy to guide people to change their practices so that all products are reused and no trash is sent to the landfills and incinerators. 

Living a zero waste lifestyle involves a little forethought and a lot of inspiration. 

The principles of zero waste lifestyle are simple, which are waste prevention, separate collection and reduction of residual waste. For waste prevention, consumer is suggested to purchase only goods which are needed and eliminate the use of one time disposal products, while industrial and firm should produce long lifespan and repairable products using recycled materials together with minimum and recyclable packaging in order to phase out waste. Separate collection is a strategy for categorize different components such as recyclable materials, food waste, and etc. to achieve high resource life cycle and recycle rate. On the other hand, reduction of residual waste is to gradually phasing out non recyclable and reusable waste. 


Down with Disposables — The kitchen is filled with disposable items that are responsible for a whole lot of waste. Try these alternatives instead: 

  • Replace paper towels with reusable rags 
  • Pack to-go meals with reusable sandwich bags 
  • Non-Disposable or biodegradable dinnerware 
  • Always bring your own shopping bags 
  • Earth friendly sponges 


Shop Second Hand — Carbon Trust estimates that CO2 emissions associated with clothing account for three percent of global emissions. This number includes out-sourced production, shipping, washing, and drying. Shopping second hand saves good clothing from a landfill and reduces the overall demand for clothing production. 


Bring Your Lunch — Disposable lunches (to-go packaging, plastic utensils, etc) generate one hundred pounds of trash per person annually.


Go Digital, Paperless — The average office worker uses two pounds of paper per day! Take notes on your laptop and communicate with your colleague’s via e-mail rather than using paper. 


Recycle! — Unless your office has gone completely paper-less, chances are there are stacks of paper that could be recycled. While reusable water bottles are the BEST option, any plastic water bottles should be recycled as well. Introduce a recycling bin to your office, you can even make a game out of it! 


Buy in Bulk — Disposable containers generate 13 million tons of plastic waste in the U.S. Taking a few minutes of planning before you head to the grocery store can help eliminate that waste. 

  • Bring mason jars to the grocery store to hold bulk items or foods from the deli counter.  
  • Consider buying bulk castile soap to use as hand and dish cleaner instead of buying a bunch of little bottles of different cleaners. Castille soap can also be used as body wash, shampoo. 


Zero waste lifestyle is a trend which more and more people adopted to combat with the above-mentioned issue. The aim of the zero waste is to achieve a resource life cycle that no trash are sent to landfill or incinerator. By adopting the zero waste lifestyle, consumers are able to save money and built up a healthy lifestyle as they only buy what is needed, improving diet and have taken up walking and biking as the alternatives of transport. Moreover, it can achieve sustainability, improve product’s lifespan, mitigate environmental pollution, combat global warming, reduce the burden of landfill and incinerator and reduce environmental footprint.


The Rock City Property Mentor

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