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Minimalism – HOW?

Minimalism – HOW?

Do you find yourself looking around your home and thinking, why do I have so much stuff? By now, you’ve no doubt heard about minimalism – whether that’s thanks to trendy Instagram interior trends or -ahem- a certain series that recently hit Netflix. 

Minimalism is a movement that focuses on reducing the clutter in your life both in physical objects and in other distractions. People who embrace it find ways to eliminate the distractions from their lives and it opens up more opportunities for them in other ways and areas. Embracing minimalism does not mean that you stop spending money, but it can mean that you spend it on other things and your focus may change from making money to enjoying life. 


Here’s how to be a minimalist : 

  • Gives You Focus When It Comes to Financial Goals and Budget 

Minimalism is about practicing mindfulness in your life. This can benefit you as you begin budgeting and setting your financial goals. Budgeting is a spending plan based on your current priorities. As you discover what is most important to you, it becomes easier to decide when and how to spend your money. It can also help you see areas where you need to change the way you handle your money like the amount that you pay in interest each month on various loans. 

  • Nominate One Clutter-Free Zone 

Attempting to declutter your entire home in one go is likely to be far too much hassle for now. I definitely wouldn’t recommend doing it the way I did! 

Instead, nominate one room to be your clutter-free zone. That could be your bedroom, your living room, your garage – any room you feel could benefit from de-cluttering the most. 

Set aside a weekend to really focus on making this room your total clutter-free zone – check out my guide to decluttering for some tips and advice! Having one room cleared out is also a great way to test whether you really want to become a minimalist and how much having a clutter-free space benefits you. 


  • Focus on Getting Out of Debt and Living Debt Free 

One way to simplify your finances is to focus on getting out of debt. Many people begin by paying down their consumer debt and then choosing to only have a credit card to handle emergencies. Getting rid of debt opens many doors and gives you the freedom to leave a job that you do not like or take off a year to travel. If you do not have additional monthly payments, it is much easier to explore and do the things that are the most important to you. Check out how to be financially independent.


  • Simplify Your Meals 

So many people end up with an over-packed fridge and throw out food every week simply because they didn’t get a chance to eat it. 

By simplifying your meals, you’ll save money by cutting down on the number of ingredients you buy, but you’ll also find it’s a lot less stressful than trying to plan a new recipe every single day. Being a minimalist with your meals doesn’t mean you have to eat the same meals day in, day out: it just means being more aware of what you’re buying (and cooking), and perhaps adjusting those habits to keep things more simple. 


  • Makes Giving Easier 

When you know what is most important and have your finances under control, it can make giving back easier. This may mean giving back in time or giving back through donations. When you are practicing minimalism, it is easy to recognize what you can give and how much you can give. It makes shifting your priorities easier when needed. 


  • Set A Savings Goal 

Having a security blanket of savings makes everything so much more simple. Being a minimalist isn’t easy when you’re stressing about debt repayments and not having enough to cover emergencies. 

Set yourself a goal to save a certain amount of money each month. That could be an extra $50, or an extra $500 – whatever works for your circumstances. Getting better at managing your money is an essential part of being a minimalist, and a skill everyone should be consciously trying to improve. 


  • Helps You Find Ways to Simplify Your Finances 

There are several things you can do to make handling your finances easier. You can pay your bills all on one day. You can switch to cash for everyday purchases which make tracking your spending easier. You may also want to find an app that simplifies the budgeting process. If you find a mobile app that works for you, you can enter purchases on the go and now where you are with your goals and limits. 


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