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Importance of Greenery at Where You Live

Importance of Greenery at Where You Live

Do You Aware The Importance of Greenery At Where You Live?

City parks and Green Areas/ open spaces improve our physical and psychological health, strengthen our communities, and make our cities and neighborhoods more attractive places to live and work. 

But too few people are able to enjoy these benefits, especially in metropolitan cities. Low income neighborhoods populated by minorities and recent immigrants are especially short of park spaces. From an equity standpoint, there is a strong need to redress this imbalance. Urban Planners and Urban Designers believed the parks would improve public health, relieve stresses of the urban life, and create a democratizing public space where rich and poor would mix on equal terms. By the mid 20 century, city parks and big green areas fell into decline as people inner cities for the suburbs.


Adding Green Elements Into Today’s Home

Importance of Greenery at Where You Live-3

When purchasing or developing properties, many factors come into play that require heavy consideration. The usual suspects include the location of the project, the size of the project, its pricing and value per sq ft. 

What usually goes unnoticed, however, is the time and effort required to landscape the said project, but that has been slowly changing in recent years. With plenty of new projects emerging from the horizon, many developers and home buyers are starting to be much more aware of the importance of landscaping, and today we shall dive deep and explore the hidden values that lay just underneath the surface of the grassy plains. 


Benefits of Greenery

Importance of Greenery at Where You Live

Green spaces such as parks and sports fields as well as woods and natural meadows, wetlands or other ecosystems, represent a fundamental component of any urban ecosystem. Green urban areas facilitate physical activity and relaxation, and form a refuge from noise. Trees produce oxygen, and help filter out harmful air pollution, including airborne particulate matter. Water spots, from lakes to rivers and fountains, moderate temperatures. 

Urban parks and gardens play a critical role in cooling cities, and also provide safe routes for walking and cycling for transport purposes as well as sites for physical activity, social interaction and for recreation. Recent estimates show that physical inactivity, linked to poor walk-ability and lack of access to recreational areas, accounts for 3.3% of global deaths. 

Green spaces also are important to mental health. Having access to green spaces can reduce health inequalities, improve well-being, and aid in treatment of mental illness. Some analysis suggests that physical activity in a natural environment can help remedy mild depression and reduce physiological stress indicators.



Latest Living Places Integrated with Green Elements

Cubic Botanical, Modern & Youthful Green Living In The City


Damaisuria Seiring Residensi, Affordable Family Green Living



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